Payment terminal
without subscription

Opt for thesubscription-free payment terminalterminal with extensive connectivity. Collect payments at your point of sale, but also while roaming, no more mobility problems. Discover the functionalities of the mobile payment terminal, whether you are a retailer, a restaurant owner or an independent.


A mobile and subscription-free
payment terminal

The use of a card payment terminal is essential to develop your turnover. Payment by credit card is the preferred solution for consumers on e-commerce sites or in physical shops.

The Stancer mobile payment solution opens up all the possibilities. What's more, it is asubscription-free payment terminal. If you make more than150payments per month, the terminal is free. Otherwise, you only pay a15monthly fee. You are not committed and the contract can be terminated at any time.


Choosing Stancer means saying goodbye to high fees and hidden charges. You open an online account with no subscription, no commitment and no hidden costs.

The payment terminal offered by Stancer is perfectly suited for small transactions and allows you to accept contactless payments. In addition, we provide a support service that responds to all your requests and in the event of a breakdown, the device is replaced.

  • No subscription
  • No commitment
  • No hidden fees

Simplified management of your payments

Stancer provides you with a dashboard of all your payments. Once your account has been created and accepted by our team, you will have access to your customer account and the dashboard. It will allow you to manage and control your business from a personal dashboard.

0.07€0 for transactions below7
per transaction*
*For cards issued in an EEA country
The above prices are exclusive of VAT.

A payment terminal with
no commitment
and no hidden costs

Stancer offers you asubscription-free payment terminalwith no hidden costs, no set-up costs and no volume limits. Furthermore, it is an EPOS without obligation that you can return at your convenience if you no longer need it. The transaction costs are completely transparent.

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Collect your customers' preferred payment methods

The payment terminal allows you to cash in your customers and offer them an optimal shopping experience. You thus have a POS terminal compatible with all types of French, European or international bank cards for all physical payments. The Stancer terminal allows you to accept the payment methods most often used by consumers: contactless card thanks to NFC technology, standard debit or credit card with PIN code or mobile payment application, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • mastercard
  • visa
  • contactless
  • apple-pay-border
  • g-pay

Frequently asked

By choosing a no-commitment POS terminal, you are not bound by a long-term service. You have complete freedom to use it or not, depending on your needs.

The payment terminal is available to you free of charge if you make a minimum of150transactions per month. If this is not the case, don't worry, as the terminal will only cost you15per month. The variable commissions are0.7%or2.5%depending on whether the payment card is from a bank within or outside the European Economic Area. For all transactions under7, there are no fixed fees! Above this threshold, the commission is fixed at0.07or0.12, depending on the country of issue of the payment card.

Yoursubscription-free payment terminalis showing signs of weakness. Don't worry, just contact the Stancer maintenance service to solve the problem. You can then change your terminal free of charge. Your new terminal will be delivered to you programmed and ready to use.

The payment terminal consists of a box with a colour touch screen and integrated printer. It has an extended memory and high connectivity in 3G as well as in Wifi. It complies with current financial security standards and is PCI PTS 5.0 certified. The Stancer subscription-free payment terminal is suitable for all types of business sectors. The equipment is set up beforehand, so you receive a ready-to-use POS terminal.