Payment terminal adapted to
small amounts

To offer your customers a payment solution wherever you are, get apayment terminal! Discover the functionalities of the electronic payment terminal for professionals, merchants, as well as for the self-employed.

Payment terminal with no fixed fee for transactions

Payments by bank cheque or cash have decreased dramatically due to the high risk of fraud or lack of funds. Payment by bank card has become widespread in France, more secure and also more hygienic with contactless payment. With Stancer, merchants can say goodbye to high commission rates, which has a positive impact on their profit margin.

Stancer offers apayment terminalwith no fixed fees for all transactions under7. By opting for the no fixed fee payment terminal for transactions under7, you simplify the shopping experience for your customers. No more payment minimums!


for all transactions under7

Of commission per transaction*

The above prices are exclusive of VAT.

*For cards issued in an EEA country.

A solution for all sectors of activity

This payment terminal can be used in all professional sectors: shops, restaurants, hotels, markets, transport, etc.

The payment terminal is easy to use and delivered ready to use. It has a dual connection possible wifi or 3G thus ensuring a fast mobile payment. Ultra-secure, it complies with current standards and is PCI PTS 5.0 certified. You benefit from a telephone assistance service that listens to your needs. Finally, in the event of a breakdown, the equipment is replaced as quickly as possible.


Accept your customers' preferred payment methods

Another advantage of thepayment terminalis that you can accept the most frequently used payments:

The device accepts most credit cards.

The device is suitable for contactless payment thanks to an NFC chip.

The payment terminal is suitable for mobile wallet transactions (Google Pay and Apple Pay).

This means that many different payment methods are now possible: via the customer's mobile banking application or using bank cards, including contactless.


A payment terminal with no installation costs, no volume limits and no commitment! Our prices are completely transparent and consist of two elements: on the one hand, the variable commission we owe to financial institutions for all credit card payments; and on the other hand, a fixed amount commission for our services.

Our services include the provision of the terminal (free of charge from150transactions per month), the provision of a SIM card, the maintenance of the device and telephone support. See below for details of our pricing.

In the EEA zone

For payment with a card issued in France or in the European Economic Area (EEA): the variable commission rate is equal to0.7%of the transaction amount. In addition, there is a fixed commission of0.07for any transaction over7made with thepayment terminal.

Outside the EEA zone

When the customer's payment card is linked to a bank account outside the EEA, the fees are as follows: the variable commission rate is2.5%of the transaction amount. In addition, there is a fixed fee of0.12for any transaction over7made with thepayment terminal.

Frequently asked

The Stancerpayment terminal with no hidden feesis provided free of charge if you make150transactions per month. Otherwise, the service is charged at15per month. For transactions of more than7you will be charged a variable commission of0.7%and a fixed commission of0.07. For transactions under7you only pay the variable commission.

The payment terminal with no hidden fees is compatible with any type of bank card, whether issued by a traditional bank or an online bank. French, European and non-European credit and debit cards are all accepted. The payment terminal is also suitable for contactless payment. You can therefore offer all your customers a payment solution that suits them.

Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of thepayment terminalto extend your payment offer? All you have to do is create your Stancer account online. After validation of your subscription by our team, you can order your POS terminal free of charge from your customer account. The device will be delivered to the address of your choice. It is equipped with a SIM card and is delivered ready to use. You can now safely collect money from your customers in your shop and anywhere else thanks to its Wifi or 3G connection.